Blogging for a Good Book

Today, Benjamin’s review looks at contemporary danger on the high seas.

I first learned of this book through the Daily Show.  Jon Stewart interviewed the author, highlighting the audacity, or perhaps stupidity, of Bahadur’s decision to visit Somalia.  Indeed, the ubiquitous warning “don’t try this at home (or abroad) kids” comes to mind the moment you open the book.  Bahadur, a journalist by profession, decided to visit Somalia and interview the pirates there.  The reader can only wonder at how someone would actively decide to put his life at risk, but he does.

Somalia has made headlines for more than a decade as the pirating capital of the world.  Even discounting the inherent dangers of living among pirates, it has difficulties.  Its people suffer from poverty, violence, hunger, and corruption.  Not only is Somalia a difficult place to live in, it is a difficult place to reach.  Early in…

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