How to install Intellij IDEA on Linux

This guide should work on any Linux distribution, And i will assume you have java installed on your machine

1- Obtain your copy from Intellij IDEA and move it to your home directory

2- Extract the tar file and move it to /opt change the with the right file name

sudo -i #we'll need root shell  during installation

tar -xvzf ideaIC-11.1.3.tar.gz /opt

3- Add read permissions to all files

chmod -R +r /opt/idea-IC-117.798

4- Create an executable file

touch /usr/bin/IDEA

chmod 755 /usr/bin/IDEA

#Use vim or your favorite text editor

vim /usr/bin/IDEA

## Paste the following lines

export IDEA_HOME="/opt/idea-IC-117.798/bin"


5- Create Gnome/KDE menu icon

## Create this file with your favorite text editor or continue with


#Paste the following lines to the file

[Desktop Entry]
Name=intellj IDEA
Comment=Intellij IDEA IDE

6- Enjoy your IDE and happy coding 🙂


Note: In future releases the steps remains the same, just change the folder name  “idea-IC-117.798”


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