TIL CAP theorem

It is impossible for a distributed computer system  to provide strict guarantees on all three of 1.Consistency, 2.Availability, and 3.Partition Tolerance at the same time. A distributed system can only satisfy any two of these guarantees.

Wikipedia – CAP theorem

RIP Aaron Swartz


He is one of the most inspirational people “to me, at least”, I’m not exaggerating if i said he’s been a superhero of mine since I knew him in early 2012 when the whole SOPA thing came up, He started  http://demandprogress.org, I contacted him, asking how to support the campaign from Egypt.

Aaron has committed suicide yesterday after falling into depression for waiting a 35 years jail sentence for believing knowledge should be free and available for everybody.

I’m not a good writer so I’m referring you to @ggreenwald’s article at the Guardian to know more about him and what he did to the Internet community.

The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz