You Are Not So Smart

The Misconception: You procrastinate because you are lazy and can’t manage your time well.

The Truth: Procrastination is fueled by weakness in the face of impulse and a failure to think about thinking.


Netflix reveals something about your own behavior you should have noticed by now, something which keeps getting between you and the things you want to accomplish.

If you have Netflix, especially if you stream it to your TV, you tend to gradually accumulate a cache of hundreds of films you think you’ll watch one day. This is a bigger deal than you think.

Take a look at your queue. Why are there so damn many documentaries and dramatic epics collecting virtual dust in there? By now you could draw the cover art to “Dead Man Walking” from memory. Why do you keep passing over it?

Psychologists actually know the answer to this question, to why you keep…

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joepie91s Ramblings

Python is quite often hailed as a language that is great to learn programming, due to its simple and often natural-language-like syntax. But there’s one big issue that many Python developers conveniently overlook: the documentation.

While PHP is no doubt a terribly inconsistent language that has some very bad language design, the documentation is, perhaps ironically, very good. It misses some information here and there, and even has some incorrect information in it, but overall it’s a very valuable learning resource – especially for people that are new to programming.

In this article, I’ll go into the most important differences between PHP and Python documentation, and how this is seriously affecting the adoption of Python.

Let’s start out with a simple example. Say you are a developer that just started using PHP, and you want to know how to get the current length of an array. You fire up a…

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RIP Aaron Swartz


He is one of the most inspirational people “to me, at least”, I’m not exaggerating if i said he’s been a superhero of mine since I knew him in early 2012 when the whole SOPA thing came up, He started, I contacted him, asking how to support the campaign from Egypt.

Aaron has committed suicide yesterday after falling into depression for waiting a 35 years jail sentence for believing knowledge should be free and available for everybody.

I’m not a good writer so I’m referring you to @ggreenwald’s article at the Guardian to know more about him and what he did to the Internet community.

The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz


Blogging for a Good Book

Today, Benjamin’s review looks at contemporary danger on the high seas.

I first learned of this book through the Daily Show.  Jon Stewart interviewed the author, highlighting the audacity, or perhaps stupidity, of Bahadur’s decision to visit Somalia.  Indeed, the ubiquitous warning “don’t try this at home (or abroad) kids” comes to mind the moment you open the book.  Bahadur, a journalist by profession, decided to visit Somalia and interview the pirates there.  The reader can only wonder at how someone would actively decide to put his life at risk, but he does.

Somalia has made headlines for more than a decade as the pirating capital of the world.  Even discounting the inherent dangers of living among pirates, it has difficulties.  Its people suffer from poverty, violence, hunger, and corruption.  Not only is Somalia a difficult place to live in, it is a difficult place to reach.  Early in…

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وبعد ما اصوت ؟؟

اعلم حرصك عزيزي علي التصويت في الانتخابات, اعرف مدي اشتياقك لوضع علامة علي مرشحك المفضل!

عزمت امرك فيمن ترشح , ربما شاركت في حملة احدهم ,ربما فقط مؤيد من بيتهم بتقنع اصحابك!

عموما ليس الموضوع عن من تختار ولماذا تختار. لكن ماذا بعد ان تختار
للمواطن الذي صوت في الانتخابات بعد الانتخابات ثلاث ادوار لا غير

1- ان تنصرف لحياتك وتنسي الشأن العام وتنسي من اخترت ولماذا اخترتة من الاساس
“عملت الواجب ومشيت” !!!!!!

2- ان تصبح قوادًا او عاهرة لمن اخترت,
تماما كما المؤدلجين من اعضاء الاحزاب والتيارات السياسية في كل العالم
او عاشقين تلك الاحزاب والتيارات في الظلام من غير اعضائهم!!!

3- ان تصبح شوكة في ظهر من اخترت حتي لا ينحرف يمينا او يسارا عن الطحينة اللي فرشلك البحر بيها !!
فيصبح تأييدك له اصلا حمل ثقيل وعبئ علي كاهلة لأشباع طموحك في مستقبل افضل!!!!

عموما, لست هنا لأطرح عليك اي نوع يجب ان تكون, لكن ما استطيع تأكيدة هو ان السلطة مفسدة مهما كان صالحا في رأيك الرجل

عزيزي المواطن, بلاش تعمل فرعون بأيدك عشان انت اللي حتلبس في الاخر !!!!!

Stuck with Neural Networks

Hello pals :), As far as i can’t write anything here due to the lack of time, I’ve decided something a little strange, Who knows maybe someday it would be useful to anyone

So, I have to finish an Recognition part of an OCR project, Artificial Neural Networks is the model consensus on to use

My role is to design a feed-forward Multi-layer perceptrons NN that recognizes characters from a picture

Until 2 days i had absolutely no idea what even these terms mean, moreover NN’s types, models, algorithms…

Long story short, I’m going to share with you what i’m going to learn and do in the next days …  

And yeah , I’m going to skip the boring theoretical part, what Wikipedia is for?

Advice’s are more than appreciated 🙂

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