I suck at math, And Khan Academy saved me.

As i’m progressing in the Machine Learning course by Andrew Ng, I felt lost with the math of the Regression. Not after too long on google i decided to watch the Regression videos on Khan Academy. It took me less than two hours to put me back on track :-).

Thank to the guy “I couldn’t find your name one the website” who made the regression videos, i owe you a lot :-),

Thanks Mr. Khan, Mr. Ng and thanks to everyone contributing to the free MOOC movement.

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Python is quite often hailed as a language that is great to learn programming, due to its simple and often natural-language-like syntax. But there’s one big issue that many Python developers conveniently overlook: the documentation.

While PHP is no doubt a terribly inconsistent language that has some very bad language design, the documentation is, perhaps ironically, very good. It misses some information here and there, and even has some incorrect information in it, but overall it’s a very valuable learning resource – especially for people that are new to programming.

In this article, I’ll go into the most important differences between PHP and Python documentation, and how this is seriously affecting the adoption of Python.

Let’s start out with a simple example. Say you are a developer that just started using PHP, and you want to know how to get the current length of an array. You fire up a…

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RIP Aaron Swartz


He is one of the most inspirational people “to me, at least”, I’m not exaggerating if i said he’s been a superhero of mine since I knew him in early 2012 when the whole SOPA thing came up, He started  http://demandprogress.org, I contacted him, asking how to support the campaign from Egypt.

Aaron has committed suicide yesterday after falling into depression for waiting a 35 years jail sentence for believing knowledge should be free and available for everybody.

I’m not a good writer so I’m referring you to @ggreenwald’s article at the Guardian to know more about him and what he did to the Internet community.

The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz

Taken 2

I’m not one of those people who watch movies just to search for plot holes or goofs,
But when i catch one i can’t stop myself form complaining about it

From the very first scene I knew that there wasn’t any kind of cultural/geographical review. so,

1- Muslims do not bury dead bodies in caskets
2- Muslims do not tattoo crescent “or anything at all” on their right hands as a matter of fact, tattoos are prohibited in Islam

Thanks to those early signs, I didn’t bother Neesons’ wrong distance calculations from the grenade sound, I’ve switched to “Act like stupid and enjoy the show” mode earlier. 😀

UPDATE : Imdb added my factual error entry 🙂